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What To Expect

As with any visit to a doctor’s office, to start, you will complete new patient forms. (Click here for these forms and have them completed when you come in for your first visit.) Your past health history will be carefully considered and your current health concerns will be discussed. A physical examination will be performed and often x-rays will be taken. Taking all this information into account, you and Dr. Haugh will discuss a treatment plan for your particular needs.

Your treatment will include a chiropractic adjustment in which pressure is applied by hand or an instrument to move vertebrae back into place. This is done by a quick movement, often without discomfort, that can result in a popping noise. This sound is referred to as joint cavitation and is caused when the joint releases gases such as oxygen and nitrogen.

From there, depending on your course of treatment discussed, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, moist heat, decompression therapy, or traction will be performed.

Therapeutic massage, exercises and stretches may be recommended.


You are then on the road to recovery!